• costa rica : our family vacation
  • hi there. again. i think.
  • it’s march… post march break in fact.
  • syrian refugee project; why i’ve been MIA
  • how to make your own felted balls.
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snowflake window garland.


last week was super warm here in SW ontario. it was even, what some might call HOT, on some days reaching +20c!!! on the weekend the boys and i decided to help mother nature along by enticing her with our very own snowflakes! we folded our square papers, and cut, cut, cut. we made different sizes and oohed n' aahed over the different patterns we were each creating.  we … continue reading ...

costa rica : our family vacation


we went on an absolutely magnificent family vacation to costa rica in october. it was a long time in the making, we had been talking about a vacation for a while, but life just seemed to get in the way. DH changed jobs several times in the last couple of years, we sold and bought a house; big things that make vacationing a little tricky! > WARNING : this blog post contains millions of … continue reading ...

hi there. again. i think.


i have a had a really tough year. well, 2 years actually. tough in a way that has made it hard to come to my blog and share. tough to get creative. tough all around. i'm not quite ready to get into the details of the rough days in this super public place, even though this is my place to share anything.  for now, i am choosing privacy for the time being on the me side of … continue reading ...

it’s march… post march break in fact.

alice in wonderland

blargh. i know i said i would be back to blogging, but i haven't been able to find my groove. i think i'm a little lost in my life. things are changing, but not changing, but changing and life just keeps on trucking along, regardless of how i feel about it. the boys are growing so quickly, as are their needs. DH is enjoying his career, which has really boosted his energy and confidence … continue reading ...

syrian refugee project; why i’ve been MIA


i have been MIA from this space for a long time! it's not something i am going to get into here, right now, because i have something pretty great to share with you instead! something that i am totally & completely proud of! one main reason i have been distracted from my blog is i have been volunteering for the syrian refugees arriving in our community soon. a local business man, jim … continue reading ...

how to make your own felted balls.

felted balls

i love, LOVE working with felt. i'm not really sure why, but there is something about the way the material feels. last year i bought a bunch of roving wool and made felt bowls. they were a bit time consuming to make, but they turned out great! you can check-out the pictures and tutorial HERE. this year, i have decided to try something new with my roving wool. >>> felted … continue reading ...

my homework.

first snow

guys! i've gone back to school!  it's pretty scary, intimidating and did i mention scary??? years and years ago i started my women's studies degree at the the local university here in town. i loved the program. then i became pregnant with bear and took some time off, returning part-time when bear was about 18 months old. i completed almost half of my degree when the university stupidly … continue reading ...