these delicious little spinach crepes are a finnish staple and offered as part of the school lunch program. in finland children are provided with a hot, nutritious meal during the lunch hour as described here. i remember in primary school my friends and i would compete to see who could eat the most pinaattiletut; our teachers were thrilled! bear loves having these delights for dinner and i think one day he and lion will compete to see who will cram more into their bellies. pinaattiletut are traditionally served with puolukkahilloa (lingonberry jam), which luckily can be purchased at IKEA

and, what about that pan or lettupannu! my mom brought that heavy cast iron beast from our northern homeland and i just love it. reminds me of finland so much. this amazing pan is also great for cooking the perfect eggs for bagels!

*please let me know if you tried the recipe!

xo, mama lola
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  1. AMY says

    Julia, I just tried this recipe last night, and while we cannot pronounce it – we loved it! Last night was the very first time I got Corinne to eat spinach!!! (I chose fresh too). It helped that I told her it was one of Simo’s favourite meals! So thank you, thank you! No fancy pan for us though, just a regular griddle. And cottage cheese. Yum!

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