art. on friday.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Picasso

a couple of months ago dear hubby and i watched a documentary (or mocumentary) by the satirical and political british graffiti artist, banksy. the movie “through the gift shop”, (which he declares is all true,but that’s not what this post is about), explores the world of street or graffiti art. i graduated from an arts high school and i am sad, even embarrassed, to say we never discussed graffiti as a form of art and certainly never explored the many realms of street art. while watching banksy’s movie i was once again reminded of the pretentious and snooty world of art (and not just visual art, either). a lot of the world’s art is not accessible, and is kept locked up where you and i cannot view it. 

art, all art, dance, music, theater is supposed stir something in its audience. and banksy certainly does that for me. his incredible graffiti art along the obnoxious, grey divisive wall in palestine is truly mind blowing. banksy creates beautiful, thought provoking images that border on controversial at times.


here’s a taste of some local banksy-esque graffiti i found behind our local grocery store. is this art? not sure. although it does stir some chocolate cravings in me!

enjoy the weekend!

xo, mama lola
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    I’ve always loved graffiti that is well done, like the Keele wall. If I ever rebuild my garage, I will commission a street artist to paint a mural along the walls facing the alley (I have an alley along the side and at the back of my lot). I really believe (in my own eternal optimist kind of way) that if there is something really cool there, the kids will resist “tagging” it.

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