do you want to play with me?

bear is patiently waiting for lion to learn how to walk independently. he is also patiently waiting for lion to learn how to run, talk in a language he can understand, hold a marker without gnawing on it and help bear fix all the things that need fixin’ around the house. 

it’s hard to be patient when the guy you’re waiting for was once the same size as a doll!
lion (1 month) with mac, hand crafted by a mama at sewfunky.

both boys smiling at the same time for the camera! unheard of!

matching pj’s for lion at 2 months and bear at 2.5 years. lion looks worried.

my heart aches with pride when i watch my bear take on the big brother responsibilities with such ease and joy. he redirects little lion by reminding him of sharp corners or edges and offers more age appropriate toys. i overhear him say things like “it’s ok lion, i’m here, äiti (mom) is here… it’s ok to cry though”. are you kidding me?! these gentle words are filled with such tenderness and love which lion is so lucky to hear from his big brother.

trying to get a nice picture of the boys was a disaster at christmas.
our fantastic stroller with the added toddler seat so i can push both animals together.
bear LOVES sharing the stroller with lion.
the trouble with two, is you have twice the work! way to pull two kids daddy-o! 

bear is into tools and fixing things and is teaching little bro all about safety!

now that lion has figured out how to move from point A to point B, it has created moments of obvious sibling tension. lion goes after bear’s toys or puzzle pieces and as a way to protect his turf bear yells: “no lion, no. that’s mine… but you can have this” and will present lion with a different toy. kills me every time.

more matching pj’s- couldn’t help it as they were on sale $2.94 a pair… in the girls section!
bear 3yrs and lion almost 9 mths.

this evening as i was preparing dinner lion was on the kitchen floor rubbing his gums with a spoon and bear came over and said “do you want to play with me lion?” aaaahhhhhh!!!! i almost burst into tears of joy!

my boys are very lucky to have each other.

xo, mama lola
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