here and now.

i am taking today’s entry’s concept from another mama blogger who i love to read.
here is a descriptive list of where i am right here, right now: 

i am….

~ listening to bear sing to himself up in bed.

~ feeling the rush of our busy weekend evaporate from my skin.

~ loving my friends deeply and wishing i lived closer to many of them and their kiddos. (heart)

~ touching my wet hair. i always shower in the evenings as i think it saves my sheets!

~ drinking water; i am parched.

~ content with life, although stress is seeping its way in through the cracks. 

~ hoping dear hubby will rub my feet tonight. he used do it nightly, but after two kids and work   and stuff he only does it a few times a week. poor me, i know.

~ waiting patiently for the big budding lilac bush by the front porch to blossom.

~ enjoying the longer days.

~ wishing for slightly warmer temperatures as we have work to do outside.

~ remembering that a year ago we bought our house, our sweet miss peppermint patty.

~ figuring things out.

lion almost walking at just over 9 months!
bear learning to walk with the vacuum at almost 10 months too!
bear LOVED the drawer under the oven around 10 months;
lion has not figured it out yet, let’s hope it stays that way!

*big difference in picture quality due to big difference in camera quality. 

xo, mama lola
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