magnets for kids BIRTHDAY loot bags

check-out these great magnets we made for the loot bags for bear’s third birthday in february. they were easy and fun to do. we got the idea from this site and followed her instructions for the most part

all you need are clear glass stones that are flat on one side, we bought ours from micheal’s, round magnets and special extra strong glue. the glue has to be strong so that the finished product doesn’t easily fall apart when used or if the fall on the floor. and, then the fun part is finding pictures to use for the magnets. i scoured old IKEA catalogues, mothering magazines, among other’s

dear hubby and i watched the movie “ordinary people“, and drank wine while we glued and trimmed paper. what a way to spend a saturday night!

the magnets were a big hit! kids loved them and the adults were amazed that we made them ourselves, that’s how great they looked!

xo, mama lola
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