nature and kids (and an easter weekend update).

yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful outdoor adventure on the shores of lake ontario. as we climbed rocks and collected sticks i was remembering the book by richard louv : last child in the woods. the book discusses the declining time children spend with nature and the impact this void can have on them.

i was so lucky growing up in finland being able to encouraged, even pushed to go outside and play in the woods. the forests were wonderful playgrounds for imaginative games and adventures. my friends and i would build nests or forts, collect different kinds of moss and inspect the various life forms we encountered. 

in the fall months, after school my mother and i would put on our rubber boots and head into the forest to pick an assortment of mushrooms. she taught be to recognize edible ones from poisonous ones and put me to work. i was about 7 or so, and loved helping my mom while surrounded by majestic trees and the silence of the woods. if i got tired of picking, i was allowed to play and would stand tall on tree stumps looking for faeries or elves that inhabit the finnish forests. sometimes my mom asked me to make markers out of fallen branches or other debris, for good kanttarelli growing locations. that way we would remember them for next time!

easter weekend update:

this was our table this weekend. note the yummy birthday cake in the middle just waiting to be devoured! the beautiful eggs hanging from the pussy willows are all handmade by my very talented mom. the eggs are blown and then delicately painted. some eggs are coloured using oil pastels, pencil crayons or even just a lead pencil. anyone who has held a blown egg can appreciate the task she encountered when decorating them. they are so lovely to look at and we thoroughly enjoy them!

this is horatio, the bulldog we dog sat this weekend. what a guy!

xo, mama lola
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    LOVE the picture of the eggs hanging from the pussy willow branches!! Just beautiful!! Oh, and I wish I had known you are a mushroom enthusiast when I lived in Guelph! I LOVE mushrooms…and if all goes well, my new job might be working with the national collection!!

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    those eggs are stunning! do you wrap them up and store them away every year like christmas ornaments? what a creative mama you have. runs in the family!

  3. says

    team nagasawa, i want to hear more about this national collection. i am very intrigued!!

    and sadie, yes i keep ’em. i pack them up in egg cartons and store them in the basement next to the x-mas stuff. my mom has hundreds at her house and she keeps on painting them. her dream is to have an exhibit in a gallery for them. i think her goal is a 1000 eggs.

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