here and now: i feel…

new month. feels like a new chapter.

i want to take this opportunity to send out some love to the various supporters of my blog. i have started to accept sponsors and there are a handful of buttons on the blog from some small, mama businesses. please check out their services or products and help support mama-preneurs!

i love lists. writing them thrills me and brings a sense of satisfaction. ‘to do’ lists are my faves, especially when i can have sub-categories and doodles with arrows and stars for added emphasis or clarity. here is a list of where my heart is at.

here and now:
i feel proud of my bear wearing his glasses like a champ.
i feel scared for our future. i remain hopeful, but the nerves are kicking in. pow!
i feel sad that roo is gone. i miss him every day.
i feel irritated with the rain. although, i know now in may i will be grateful.
i feel exhausted looking at the windows around the house that need to be washed.
i feel regret that i am not pursuing a more creative life. .
i feel envious of others. it’s that whole the grass is greener thing messing with me.
i feel lucky to have my friends.
i feel love for my cubs and dear hubby.
i feel like for myself. augh… related to the aforementioned note above regarding greener pastures. like may not be love, but sure is better than 
where i was a while ago. 

xo, mama lola
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  1. sunshine says

    your writing is beautiful
    your life is blessed
    your boys are the sweetest
    your husband is lucky and wonderful
    your house is a home
    your spirit is generous
    your friends love you
    you are incredible.

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