meet tallulah.

about 12 years ago i was selling soap at LUSH in the big city. the job was great and i made some wonderful friends [props to sun], but as a poor twenty-something living on my own it was tough to pay for rent, booze and public transit. so, my mom bought me a bike from crappy tire. this supercycle and i spent years clocking gazillions of kilometres together. i named her betsy. i eventually spray painted her bright blue and added a basket decorated with dollar store flowers. but, unfortunately all good things must come to an end and it is now time to bid adieu to betsy. she rode well, but in her final years her brakes just stopped working, as did the gears and it seemed silly to invest money into her. plus, she weighs about 100lbs!
today is the start of a new era. meet tallulah, my beautiful new bike with a shiny white seat and gears built into the handles. she’s a perfect lady’s bicycle for someone like myself who likes to wear dresses and skirts. 

we went to crappy tire to get me another supercycle, but as we perused the bike aisle, that’s when i saw her. tallulah, sitting all pretty like with her pretty white paint and dainty curves; the opposite of the cheapo super with harsh angles. dear hubby saw how smitten i was with tallulah and told me that’s what we were getting. 
sweet hubby.
sweet bike.
bear told me i looked good sitting tall on tallulah! oh, that little cub knows how to sweet talk me!

can’t wait to start using tallulah and the chariot together. i’m hoping to hit the parks and trails with the boys this summer and this is such a fun way to do it!

there’s the chariot, tallulah and myself going for our first neighbourhood cruise.
heading to the park. lion was not impressed with being stuck next to bear,
so dear hubby carried him in the ergo!

xo, mama lola
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