sunday was party day!

yesterday, sunday, was party day for us. we hit two birthday do’s and lived to tell the tale!
the first party was a kiddo party for lil’miss C who turned the big 4. bear had a fantastic time in his own quiet, shy way. there were a lot of kids there he didn’t know or remember, so considering, he had a blast. then it was off to grandpa E’s birthday.

check out horatio’s V-tongue!
playin’ with auntie K’s turtle puzzle and empties.
lion LOVES dogs.
this was a family do with lots of chatter, beer and laughter. the food was great and the strawberry cheesecake was fantastic [props to dear hubby for baking it]. 
lion sleeping on the couch before dinner was even served.
a birthday “ta-daa” for grandpa E; thanks for teaching everyone bear!
birthday cake with sparklers.

as we were leaving an incredible thunder and lightning storm rolled in and dumped buckets of rain on us. 

i caught a bolt of lighting!!!!!!!!

p.s. bear got a new hair do on saturday.

xo, mama lola
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