a stormy night indeed.

it’s all everyone has been talking about in town: last night’s storm. the winds were powerful, the rain immense, the thunder deafening and the lightning shocking. our patio table was blown up and away by the winds, but it survived; no shattered glass to clean up this morning! some people lost belongings to the wind. many in my community lost power and in this heat and humidity i’m lucky we didn’t. some people need to look for ace roofing companies austin to repair the damage their roofs got in the storm; i never knew that the roof was one of the most vulnerable part of the house during a storm!

it’s so hard to see the full effect of the wind and the rain.

here are a few pictures i tried to take. i was scared to be outside as it felt like a tornado was going to rip our house apart. i can’t believe both kids slept through the whole thing, not even a squeak out of either cub!

the video was taken with our storm door closed and it’s surprising that you can’t hear the thunder, but you sure can hear the rain and hail!

here’s hoping for a quiet, peaceful sleep tonight.
xo, mama lola
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  1. Amy says

    both our kiddies slept right through too! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen or heard a storm like that in Guelph! Have a great weekend at the cottage!

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