family dinner.

we’re starting a new family tradition called FAMILY DINNER. original, i know, but i want to ensure that we have this routine running through our veins as the boys get older. as we all know, time slips through our fingers so fast and the next thing we know the kids will be packing up and moving on outta here. here’s where i got the idea.

i want my family to sit down once a month to a special dinner. one where the menu is planned, perhaps even displayed with someone’s best hand writing listing the food served, with flowers on the table, a clean (ironed) table cloth and thoughtfully prepared food. maybe i’m being overly romantic about this, but i just want us to be connected and present with my family, especially as the kids get older.

i think our first family dinner will be this sunday and it will not be burgers or pasta! haha! 
does anyone have a vegetarian suggestion?

xo, mama lola
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  1. Tania Meyers says

    Try this soup:

    I made it a lot when I was pregnant and feeling nauseous all the time. It has a good story behind it for me also. I had a lovely, lovely friend who had Parkinson’s disease and dying from cancer. He had no appetite and constantly felt nauseous. I brought this to his house for Thanksgiving dinner and he had 3 bowls! I was so happy and convinced it was a healing soup!

    Enjoy Family Dinner. That is something I am definitely going to practice when my daughter is old enough to eat!

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