here and now.

my thoughts and feelings are in hyper drive these days, so here is a teeny peek into what’s going on.

i feel…
~ sadness surrounding my heart as the anniversary of lion’s birth is sitting in the horizon.
~ optimistic for our future. 
~ joy watching my children play together.
~ confusion about my place in my life…. should i go back to school in september?
~ scared of the dark unknowns in life.
~ love for my hubby; it’s been a difficult couple of months, but united we stand.
~ thrilled for our upcoming summer adventures.
~ happy to be planning a first birthday party for lion.
~ excited watching bear. he is on the brink of something huge!
~ thrilled to see some good friends tomorrow and catch up!

we’re getting ready for a long weekend adventure. it’s CANADA DAY tomorrow and it means we’re off to the annual bacon fry celebrations with a fantastic family and then hitting the cottage. here’s a picture of roo, bear and myself a year ago. don’t look too closely as the picture is not flattering, but it represents what we have lost and gained this past year. we are coming full circle in one week.

oooooooohhhhh canada, our home and native land……

xo, mama lola
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