the day was far from perfect, but it was a fabulous day anyway! we all struggled with the unrelenting sunshine pouring down on us. we hit the beach for a quick splash, food and a break from the stimulation. then we headed to the island stage for some shade where lion napped on the ground and the rest of us enjoyed some spoken word. very cool.

our chariot only has a jogging wheel, so dear hubby did some magic and attached two ghetto wheels from an umbrella stroller on the front of the chariot. the retro-fit worked like magic on the paths, grass and asphalt. saved us a bundle too! 

bear was a grumpy grouch during by dinner time. i will summarize with the three words: screaming, barking, whining. so, we strapped both kids into the chariot and strolled around. bear fell asleep quickly (yippii) and stayed asleep for hours! so great! lion fell asleep soon after and we set him down on the grass as we settled in by the main stage. dear hubby and i grooved to serena ryder, danced and ate some AMAZING ginger-flavoured ice cream.

at around 10pm, when the last act was about to go on, bear woke up! he danced and danced to the indie rockers, sloan. dear hubby and bear were jumping and kicking to the tunes and loving every minute of it!

can’t wait to go back next july!

xo, mama lola
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