kitchen re-do.

our kitchen is very poorly designed. every day i look around and try to decide what we should replace, fix, paint or completely destroy. i’ve always dreamed of a totally white kitchen, but here the cabinets are pine and the thought of fixing them up and sanding them and painting them white makes my body ache. so, instead we have decided to paint the walls white in the hopes it will brighten up the room. we also moved around our big ol’ cabinet and switched its location with the fridge, which never even occurred to us until the other night. now, the cooking and food prep area is more defined and all three parts of the triangle are accessible so easily.

what the next owners of this house should do is convert the current play room into the kitchen and that way they could have more cabinet storage, more counter top and just a better defined kitchen.

here are my terrible before. after shots to follow after the painting gets done. 

gotta love the nudie helpers!

xo, mama lola
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