love to bubba and patty-cakes!

bubba and patty are getting married next summer. we are all so delighted and excited for them! this past weekend bubba’s folks hosted a lovely engagement party at a local mill restaurant to celebrate this joyous occasion. it was a hot and humid summer’s evening, but with good wine and delicious food, well behaved kids and great conversations (with adults) it was easy for me to ignore the sweat beads forming on my forehead! 

this restaurant has special meaning for bubba’s folks; it’s where they held the reception for their wedding many moons ago. 

it was one those sunday evenings where the sun was perfect and the clouds magical and it made perfect sense to be celebrating the union of two people and the future union of two families. 

we are counting down to this beautiful wedding and are excited and honoured to a part of the special day. i can’t believe we have another 13 months to go…. tick, tock, tick….

so cute!

here’s a picture of me and my date. oh my, we clean well!

p.s. a BIG thanks to aunt R and uncle K for hosting such a wonderful evening. i wish i had gotten a nice picture of them, sigh.

xo, mama lola
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