a park date with aeroplanes.

my mom flew to finland last week. the boys, dear hubby, my dad and i sent her off with lots of love to keep her warm at night. 

first we met at a park just under the airport runway. it was loud and kinda fun to hear the roar of the planes while surrounded by suburbia!

the airport was a bit disappointing as it’s set up in a way you can’t see the planes very well. after my mom sent her baggage to the plane, and after some yummy frozen yoghurt we headed to the top floor of the parking garage to see small glimpses of real planes. the sky was stunning; glorious pastels layered the sky, as if someone had taken a large brush and painted the sunset in. the picture below does not capture the beauty of the colours.

it was an unusual evening for the kids, so they lost their steam quickly. we kissed mummo and sent her off on her adventure. bear is a little worried she is not coming back, so we’ll make sure we’re there to greet her upon her arrival!

happy travels everyone!

xo, mama lola
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