here & now: a VENT!

this here & now has a slightly different tone than previous ones. i have some beefs i want to get off my chest so here goes…

1. you know the swedish home furnishings store, IKEA? well, it’s IKEA not Ikea, like many people think. IKEA is an acronym, like SCUBA. i have just sent an email to house & home, a home decorating media biggy with it’s own magazine and tv channel and website ecetera. anyhow, they keep referencing IKEA as Ikea and it is driving me batty! with all those fancy (pretentious) designers and that absolutely over the top lynda reeves, and nobody knows. really? REALLY? i’m curious to see if they get back to me, or better yet publish my snarky email! ha!

2. this vent is more close to home. bear has started not liking what is served at dinner. i made alphabet soup from scratch with lots of veggies and beans and the always fabulous letter pasta, and he refused to eat it. usually he inhales it. he apparently wanted soup we could mix sour cream into instead. then one day he asked for pasta for dinner, so that’s what we made and he refused to eat it. yesterday i made stir fry which he did not eat. today when i asked him what he wanted for dinner, he said…. rice. really? REALLY? 


we’re into tree climbing around here these days, all thanks to margaret atwoods’ children’s book up in a tree. it’s a delightful read that bear has requested over and over again, with a slightly vintage twist. the story is about two kids who live in a tree. sweet.

i am feeling better now. thanks for reading.
here’s to a relaxing, but fun weekend!

xo, mama lola
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