one MAMA is 29, again!

i am lucky to belong to a fantastic mommy group. initially, we were moms who came together three years ago at a public health class called baby basics. the class itself was not very informative, but it got all of us out every thursday morning with our babies and into the world. once the 5 week course was done us MAMA’s kept getting together and formed our own private facebook group. there we could ask for advice, complain about the aches and pains of motherhood and share all the big and small events of our lives. having these eighteen strong, intelligent, beautiful and interesting women in my life is very important. at the end of the day we are all such different women, mothers and partners to our loves, but we continue to exchange concerns at play dates and online. our group and the bond we hold is unique and very special. we even do an annual group photoshoot with some local photographers, which i will talk more about after our september session. 

so, the other day one of the MAMA’s had her 29th birthday (again) and some of us got together to celebrate. ms. meow whipped up a last minute, but lovely, evening out for the ladies. we were at a fabulous, local pizza bistro listening to electric live jazz and enjoying drinks and conversation. 

then there were the “never ending” shots that the owner gifted to ms. 29 again. it really was a never ending shot, as after each of her head tilts back he would keep pouring more into her shot glass. it was hilarious (and delicious, i had a sip).

but, we all agreed the best part of the night was being able to chat without the constant interruptions from kids. although, there were two wee baby girls there, it was nice to have some mama hen time with friends.

there is no point in partying at a pizza bistro without some slices off a hot pan and then indulging in cake.


on a side note…
dear hubby and i are starting regular date nights in the fall. this is where we’ll be going for our first night out in years. yes, i am sad and embarrassed that we have not enjoyed a dinner out just the two of us in years.

xo, mama lola
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