raspberry fields forever.

i thought it was going to be a disaster. i didn’t really even want to go when dear hubby arrived home from work early. i had tossed the entire raspberry picking trip into the garbage before it even got going.

tuesday morning was a dream. lion had a two hour nap, which is very atypical for my wee cat napper. this gave bear and i had a rare opportunity for a quiet pyjama morning together, which was wonderful. 

his friends also napped. then he breastfed them all when they woke up.

but, when it was time to get dressed, brush teeth and go to the library he lost it. he pulled out all of his nonsense cards and played them hard. there were aces drawn and wild cards thrown into the mix; it was a disaster. i lost. i don’t even know how we spiralled into such chaos so quickly, but we did. luckily we also recuperated quickly, but more importantly together. 

finally, after lunch, after the library (we did eventually make it out) dear hubby came home. he’s the one who got us all out the door, into the van and onto the road. and i’m glad he did. although the afternoon was bloody hot and the kids got tired quickly, i was able to pick some scrumptious berries and let my mind wander. i thought about everything and nothing all at once. you know i had one of those rare occasions of solitude, even though there were other pickers around me, that i miss so deeply.

there were dahlias and sunflowers. rows and rows of these stunning flowers. if i remember correctly, they’re martha stewart’s favourite flora. 

then we had dinner here and realized these chain restaurants are all the same. too much grease and fat. augh… sorry.

sweet wednesday to you and yours.
thanks for reading. xo

xo, mama lola
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