slumber party.

we had a family sleepover at our dear friends’ house. we haven’t seen these friends in a very, very long time and we were overdue for some quality time. they have three beautiful kids (18mths to 5yrs), so our kids were thrilled to have lots of company and new toys to play with.

we had our traditional evening dinner, which as always was exciting with all five kids and us four adults sitting down to the table to eat.  to my surprise it went remarkably smoothly, considering the details. i mean yes, oz fire did try to start a food fight by throwing random pieces of his dinner and our lion cried from the get go. but, us adults were able to chat and the big kids told summer stories and it felt really good to be with them.

then, the real party started after the kids were fast asleep upstairs.

we had one of those unintentional boozy, chatty nights that we used to take for granted back before the kids arrived. our conversations often have a reminiscent quality to them, but to balance things out we planned next summer’s adventures already! dear hubby and i are truly lucky to have such amazing, supportive friends like this. d’s the guy who hired dear hubby when he was laid off five months ago. and my sweet ray of sunshine is the voice i call during my life’s highest and lowest moments. we speak almost daily.

the following morning was tough. the men headed to their respective jobs, while us mamas stayed at home and mothered. luckily we had each other! it was a slow morning and we had big plans for the park in the afternoon, but just as ray of sunshine opened the door the sky, quite literally, dumped. oh, the rain. so, instead the big kids watched a movie and ate stove top pop corn.

cannot wait to spend a cottage weekend up north with them next month!

xo, mama lola
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