the winds of change

i have had a challenging summer parenting my three year old bear. although we have experienced many joys and made lots of happy memories, there have also been a surprising number of tantrums and tears (shed by both of us). as i have tried to problem solve our way through this tangled mess of power struggles, i have felt quite hopeless. 

bear fell asleep in the glider after being sent to his room. he’s growing so quickly these days.

but now, half way through august i see a light at the end of the tunnel. september is around the corner and with it comes routine. i am hoping the predictable nature of our weeks and days will bring with them peace and calm as well. bear will be returning to pre-school; a place he learned to enjoy and feel safe at. as i have said before, i feel eternally grateful for his lovely teachers, amy and stacy, who have helped him find independence and gain skills. bear will also be starting ballet classes, which he has been waiting for for many months. 

it’s tough being little.

just like my kids, i thrive when i know what’s going on and know what to expect. i am a planner at heart and like to commit to things, whether it’s play dates with the kids or coffee with friends. i am hoping the cooler temperatures will bring with them some mama-inspiration. my family dinner plans have been placed on hold as our summer schedule has not allowed for the planning these meals deserves. also, with the outrageous heat waves that passed through in july, i tried to limit the use of the stove and oven so as not to heat up the house more. come september, family dinners will be back on!
i also have a basket of sewing projects waiting to be tackled. nothing too exciting, but clothes that need to be mended or adjusted to fit growing bodies. i just haven’t had the time or interest during these warm summer evenings.

as august rolls along, i am trying to enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather without wishing away the end of summer. we still have many adventures to take on and projects to tackle. but, like bear, i am looking forward to a cozy canadian winter!

oh my! a dragon in my house!

i am certain fall’s cooler winds will bring the change we are so desperate for.

xo, mama lola
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