a wedding.

dear hubby and i had a pretty and perfect wedding february 17th 2007. there was beautiful fresh snow, a calm air to the occasion and the idyllic setting even presented wild deer walking past the river at dusk! this is us getting a few photo’s outside with the gently falling snow and unfortunately without the deer.

bear has been at it again with the questions. this fantastic conversation took place on the couch just the two of us. topic: marriage.

bear: when will i get married? 
me: when you are an adult. when you are in love with a man or woman or someone. but, you don’t have to get married. not everyone is.
bear: why do people get married?
me: it’s a way demonstrate commitment to the one person you love. some people choose to get married and others don’t.
bear: who is married?
this is where i start listing all the people he knows who are married, from aunts and uncles to grandparents to friends to teachers.

his thirst for understanding how the world works is overwhelming at times. he asks question after question and although i try to answer each patiently and appropriately, the other day i turned around said “why do you ask why to everything i say?” i was hoping this would silence him, but no such luck. 

anyhow on one of my surfing afternoons i came across this wedding. check it out. the vintage furniture and details are lovely, although a bit heavy for my taste. but i really love that this couple, who obviously adore this specific era, have taken the idea or theme and run with it. and it appears to suite them to a tee. 

happy autumn monday.

xo, mama lola
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