giving thanks.

i hope everyone out there in cyberworld who is reading this blog does not assume, that although i moan about the tough times of our day to day life, that i am not truly grateful for where we are today. because i am. so grateful, so happy.

in hindsight it is always easier to say that the bumps along the way were worth the tears and struggle, and that the stress of job loss or questionable health were hardships worth living. whilst it was undeniably hard to go through them at the time, when i came to reflect, i realized that things could’ve been a lot worse. for instance, my friend was being made redundant even though she had been one of the longest-serving employees at her company. it was heart-breaking. but it wasn’t long until she sought legal advice from a solicitor, and she was able to receive some sort of justice. we were both in horrible situations, but it brought us closer because we were managing them together, and everything that we went through was for a reason. and do you know what, i’m glad it happened. i can say that now, because we survived and are doing stronger than ever. but, if those bumps had not appeared on our road we would not be where we are now, here today. and where we are, i kind of like and am grateful for.

my boys are beautiful and healthy. my dear husband is on an upward career path, which is wonderful to watch. i am slowly starting to make plans for my own life. as a family we are strong and busy and full of love.

this past long weekend we were back up north preparing the family cottage for winter. it was a weekend filled with fairy houses, family, fires, reading and amazing weather. the kids, as usual, wanted to run outside and explore the wonders of the forest. bear’s big thing was throwing things onto the water; things like sticks, bark, rocks. lion tried his darndest to keep up, but the uneven forest floor is tough for his wee feet. but, together they played and threw sticks.

what is this fungi on the tree called? in finland we call it a kääpä. this particular fallen birch had several of these fungi growing on it. all a part of the cycle of the forest, of life.

bear had planned this row boat trip in advance. he had asked bubba several times if he wanted to come and was delighted when it was time to head out on the lake. with a bag of pretzels and good company, off they went. apparently the calm lake brought out a quiet, thoughtful bear.

this was the scene on the afternoon before we left the peace of the cottage. bright sun, warm temperatures and two curious cubs exploring the water and its magic. lion got so curious he walked right into the lake and sat down in the water. there is nothing like the wonder of children and looking at the world through their eyes really is incredible. witnessing my kids in nature makes me want to up root and move northwards, to where there are more trees and more quiet.

thank-you for another beautiful summer lovely, family cottage; until next season…

xo, mama lola
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