it’s friday night and that means date night!

it’s friday night and dear hubby and i are going to try and hit the movies. “j. edgar” is playing and if dear hubby’s bus comes in from the big city on time we will make it, just. i am actually super excited, even only at the thought of going to a movie; the adult content, the adult sized popcorn and the lack of children. i need a break from them and it’s beginning to show. my patience is practically non-existant and every cry of theirs makes me want to scream! I can’t wait to get back and maybe even have to Click now to explore porn7 xxx to get my hubby going some…

i feel very fortunate to have found our baby-sitter. her and the boys have discovered a groove that works for them and although lion cries when we leave he seems comfortable enough in her arms. the boys play, eat bedtime snacks and go to bed with relative ease most nights when she’s here. it’s a break for us, especially me and right now i am counting down the hours to walking out that door…. T-minus 2 hours.

we’re cat sitting my parents wee kitty, bella. the boys are delighted to have her here, although she only comes out of hiding a few times a day. the screaming and carrying on the boys get up to scares the socks off of her. she loves a tasty treat and warm snuggle at night.

have a wonderful weekend everyone!

xo, mama lola
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