new york, NEW YORK! [part 2]

*my computer is still being repaired and i am desperately trying to complete my entries on an ancient macbook that is lacking any basic photo editing software. i have attached a few rough pics, but once my computer is back with me, i will edit and post more pictures.
here’s PART 1 of our trip.
as i remember back to last saturday, our experiences of that day seem completely surreal and unreal, as it was all so extreme. new york city and parts of the eastern seaboard were hit with a storm called a noreaster. it brought much devastation to the area with thousands of fallen trees and power outtages that lasted for days in some areas.

so, last saturday morning we woke up to precipitation falling from the sky. i had fretted about the weather and had packed lots of warm layers for us. i also packed waterproof, warm fall suits for the kids as a just in case measure, and thank goodness i did!

bus driver at the children’s museum.

we went to the children’s museum first thing. it was a bit of a disappointment as it lacked any real information or participatory displays relevant to kids. to our shagrin it was a museum, like so many others, obviously low on funding, as the displays were blatantly sponsored by various companies. one floor was covered with dora and diego characters thanks to nickelodian. anyhow, the kids had fun as they played with their NYC peers, whose parents all had their iphones out and were busy texting, instead of interacting with their kids! must be a big city thing.

that’s when the snow started to fall.

leaving the children’s museum around noon.

when we got outside there was already a significant accumulation of wet snow on the ground. the snow was unreal, heavy and wet. it was shocking to walk through the city in this weather in october, even before hallowe’en!

dear hubby and i felt a bit overwhelmed by the weather and decided we needed to find a place for lunch and come up with a plan. it wasn’t even noon, so there was no way we could return to our tiny hotel room, so we had to get creative. after our yummy NY style pizzas we decided to accept the messy and wet weather with open arms and walk through central park to FAO schwartz, the huge toy store on 5th avenue. with smiles on our faces and palms up trying to catch the sloppy falling snow we headed to the park. there was no-way-jose we were going to let a noreaster storm get in the way of us and new york. at the 72nd street gates we were told to our absolute shock and dismay that the park was closed to all visitors. the reason: falling trees and branches. 

my hands are naked as my leather gloves were soaked. lion is under cover in the stroller. 

making wet and sloppy snow balls next to a closed central park.

fallen tree branches inside central park.

the weight of the wet snow on the still leafy trees was too much for them to bear, so there were massive branches breaking all over the park. apparently during a similar storm last year several people had actually died. as we walked next to the famous park, sad we couldn’t enjoy its true glory, we heard the shocking sound of snapping branches in the park. then a local pedestrian warned us about frolicking next to the park as many of the trees grew over the stone wall and creating a lovely canopy for us to walk under, but also were potential dangers as the branches could have fallen on us. so just as we were about to cross the street, sure enough, a huge branch fell off of an oak tree about 30 metres ahead of us.

fallen branches on the sidewalk.

that’s when the wet snow turned into ice pellets and our moods changed rapidly. we felt soggy and defeated and raced along central park south past fancy hotels with their fancy patrons to our destination. dear hubby carried bear in the ergo on his front, while i huffed and puffed with lion in the stroller.

59th street columbus circle around 2pm- what a mess!

phew! what a day. from FAO schwartz we cabbed it back to our hotel and headed straight to room 409. once we all in our dry jammies, our room looked as though our luggage had exploded as there were wet, dripping clothes hanging off of various pieces of furniture, doors, even hinges trying to dry for our sunday adventure in the city!

dry and toasty in our hotel room around 6pm.

that night bear had a heck of a time falling asleep and stayed up way late! all of the large tv’s on our trip proved to be tricky to deal with. we don’t have a tv at home, but do let bear watch various shows on DVD’s we borrow from the library. the new tv shows were all way too stimulating, instead of putting him to sleep, they re-energized him all over again. as bear got sucked in the world of nickelodeon jr. and the strange yabba-cardigan-umizoo characters they presented, these kid channels brought with them advertising, which bear didn’t know how to navigate. he would get mad and shout “i want the kids show back” with tears welling in his eyes! how do you describe advertising and commercials to a three year old? and, how as adults can and do we allow corporations to blatantly abuse our children so freely, in fact people with cable pay companies to do this. astounding….

anyhow, after our shockingly soggy saturday, we were looking forward to a marvelous sunday with the promise of sunshine and warming temperatures. little did we know of the adventures that loomed ahead in the upcoming cold, dark sunday evening for us. 
i will have one final installment of our adventures in NYC. 
not having my own computer to do this is a pain in the butt, and this darn mac is making me very angry. the buttons don’t do what i expect them and the lack of a right button on the touch pad is still confusing me. sigh. i am the non-techie in this household and only know the bare minimum about computers and how to use them. fingers crossed i get my computer back by next wednesday!

happy friday to everyone! 

xo, mama lola
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