they grow up too fast!

**my computer is still getting repaired, so my pics are unedited and look pretty rough around the edges.

i’ve been sick this week, feeling sorry for myself as this darn strep throat has invaded my body. 

my slow energy has not slowed the boys down however. with growing up comes unwanted behaviours and attitudes. our bear has in fact turned into a bit of a liar. he lies about big things and about little things and although i understand that it is a part of development, it doesn’t mean i have to like it.

working on a birthday treat for a special friend.

the latest lie that we caught him in was when he denied cutting lion’s hair! at some point in the afternoon he had taken a pair of scissors and randomly cut around lions’s crown. he said that lion had pulled his own hair out. hmph…. the clumps of blonde hair dear hubby found were shocking and i have since saved them in a ziplock bag and labeled the bag with a description of what had happened! 

so it’s not the cutting that bothers me, it’s the blatant lying. although, yes scissors can be dangerous, but the lying… man o’ man that kid is good. when i tried my cop skills on him hoping to get him to trip on his story, he didn’t. he stuck to his original script and didn’t trip once. his face lost all of its sweetness and looked hard as he spun his malicious and manipulative story. i am slightly lost as to what to do.

pasta a la face! you can kind of see that one side of lions hair is wispier than the other.

and lion. with his new funky hair-do he really is such a passionate little guy. my littlest little chicken wing, as i fondly call him, is experiencing a tremendous growth spurt physically and cognitively. he is sleeping so much, eating more than his big brother at times and just watching the world that much closer. his comprehension has been blowing us away lately and i think it’s because we have always thought of lion as our baby, but he is really not a baby anymore, but instead a thriving toddler. he works hard to keep up with bear and catches on to the rules of a game quickly. if things don’t go his way he screams and squeals until dear hubby or i come and resolve the situation. his energy is high spirited and he is determined to get things to go his way. he fearlessly climbs onto furniture and gets stuck up top and screams as he does not know how to make his way down. 
what a lion!

as i sit and type i am surrounded by my silent house, i am again reminded of the bittersweet role i hold as their mother. the boys are tucked in their bunk-beds and another day has come to an end. 

i am so proud of my children. 
i love them so.

xo, mama lola
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