aaah, it’s done.

christmas is officially done for another year. whew! we are all tired and burnt out from the holiday marathon of excitement, but now we need to get recharged for two days of birthday celebrations. first mine (28th) and then my MIL’s (29th). i’ve always loved having my birthday in between x-mas and new years, but since moving from the big city and having kids it’s complicated things. 

last x-mas dinner. (please excuse the weirdness with the frame, cannot be fixed).

tomorrow we are heading to the art gallery in the big city to see this with my parents. i am excited to see some beautiful art with my kids and explore the paintings through their eyes. chagall’s paintings are so whimsical and full of magic; he’s one of my favourites. but, there’s a winter storm coming so we’ll have to eyeball the weather and see if it’s reasonable driving weather. 

right now at 13:39 it is snowing heavily outside, with big flakes accumulating, but the temperature is supposed to drop down to -18c tonight, which means any water will freeze and the roads might be a mess tomorrow.
fingers crossed…

on the 30th we are heading up north to the cottage with our usual new year’s posse of partiers! so, counting down the days to that!

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    Your holiday posts are all absolutely wonderful. It’s like the coziest, yummiest, prettiest Christmas possible. Can we have Christmas at your house next year?

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