my little dancer.

this afternoon there was open house at bear’s ballet school. it was the first time we had ever seen him dance and it was one of the best moments of my life. seriously. he was the smiliest, happiest little ballet dancer i have ever seen. 

when the little ballerinas entered the studio and my eyes met with bear’s my heart filled with incredible pride and love and my eyes filled with tears. he was probably the youngest and the smallest and obviously the only boy in his class. the little girls in their pink attire were lovely and darling to watch as they skipped around the studio.

there were two helpers and a teacher. bear was careful to listen to instructions and tried so hard to gallop across the floor, but his steps were a little off. lucky for him he is three and doesn’t quite recognize how (im)precise his steps are yet. 

tin soldiers from the nutcracker with a helper dancer.

what i didn’t know and learned today, is that my little shy bear loves to perform and loves the audience. he looked confident and proud and just so joyful, that all i could do was smile. 

found this on my way to bed the other night…

not sure why, but holy cuteness batman!

xo, mama lola
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