christmas rage: what’s that you ask?

is it too late to write about Christmas?

now that the holidays are a warm, fuzzy memory and I’ve had a chance to decompress i can share something personal with you, my faithful reader: i lived with some serious Christmas rage! Christmas rage is exactly what it sounds like, rage experienced in-and-around Christmas. for me, the trigger revolves around dear hubby as it (sadly) has for many of my friends!
it’s that whole forgetful, fumbling, mumbling, procrastinating, a slow-moving disaster that dear hubby becomes around the holidays. I will admit that I knew I was marrying a mumbler and procrastinator, but the Christmas obligations really exaggerate these qualities in him, and combined with the stress I feel, it creates the rage. Unfortunately, this can cause some tense moments in the house. When you’re stressed, people can begin to irritate you easily. This causes an unhappy mood within the house. As it’s nearly Christmas, it’s important to be festive and happy, however, I find myself to be quite stressed and angry. When talking to one of my friends about this, she suggested that maybe I need to consider trying some of the black diamond weed strain. Apparently, she’s taken that before the Christmas holiday and she was completely relaxed and uplifted throughout the whole day. Maybe that’s the sort of thing I need to consider. I’ll have a look into that. Christmas is supposed to be fun and happy, so I need to try and be less stressed out.

one of our biggest problems is that i think Christmas is a season and not a day or two in December, as he does. during one of my rages this year dear hubby admitted to thinking x-mas started on the 24th and for me, it started a few weeks before. this is a huge difference in how we view and experience Christmas, and hopefully, we will take the lessons we learned in 2011 and apply them in 2012.

christmas is magical and i love all the music, traditions, smells and tastes that come along during this special time of year. but on the flip side, it is a lot of work too. there is a lot of pressure on me to remember all of the finer details about the holidays, who to shop for, make for, what to get, what to make, when to do it, making cards, deciding on the concept, etc etc.

it’s January 8th and I am planning next x-mas already. think what you may, but I don’t want to find myself in the same rage this year. I have suggested to dear hubby to get his shopping done by September, seriously, because then he can focus on the fun stuff around the holidays. and as the kids get bigger there will be more fun, winter, holiday activities to participate in, but if hubs is out doing last-minute shopping or wrapping or whatever, then his time will be limited with the family. plus, with bear starting school in the fall, he too will only have limited time during Christmas to romp and play.

and, finally, I want to clear up that Christmas rage wasn’t an ongoing fight at our house. we did have lots of fun, beautiful moments and created lots of warm memories as a family, dear hubby included.

i’d love to hear about your Christmas rage experiences and ways you’re hoping to combat the problem this year.

xo, mama lola
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