i am sailing.

i grew up sailing each summer among the island-dotted seas of the gulf of finland. my folks had a small sailboat, which we sailed, creating a lifetime of memories of those summers in finland. i remember the day that they bought it and i couldn’t believe it! it was such a lovely boat! i think they got it from somewhere like GraysOnline and i went with them to pick it up. as soon as i saw the boat, i knew we were going to have lots of happy memories in it.

holding the boat and getting ready to settle at another island.

my dad, who is not a rod stewart fan, did love this song and still sings it. when i hear it get all nostalgic and goose bumpy. gotta love rods sailor outfit!

i am looking for new blogs follow. and i found this one http://www.zachaboard.blogspot.com/ and this one http://www.svwondertime.com/. i haven’t had a chance to read them too closely, but they look fascinating as they are both about families living on sailboats.

dear hubby has been trying to convince me to hop on a boat and sail around the world. he was inspired by a family from ottawa who did just that. they bought a boat, rented out their home, packed up and sailed around the globe on a 4 year adventure. the book is called “voyage of the northern magic” by diane stuemer. dear hubby grew up sailing as well and as a teen attended sailing camps on the brigantine ship. so it isn’t totally out of the blue that this is what he wants us to experience as family.

bikini dots.

we’ll see though. i am scared of pirates and although the idea of living on a boat is exciting and romantic, the realities of it are also overwhelming.

xo, mama lola
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