i hate my pine cabinets.

i am so torn and indecisive about whether or not to reno our kitchen. as i have complained before, our current cabinets are the ugly pine type with layers of grime and stains that won’t come off no matter what cleaner i try.  and because the pine is so soft the doors are full of dents as well. we have painted the kitchen walls a bright white which has helped freshen the room, but my dream is to rip out the pine cabinets and throw up some clean, white cabinets from IKEA

this akarum cabinet by IKEA, only $112.

but, we’re not sure how long we’re actually going to live here (probably up to 2yrs) and when i perused MLS last night I discovered that all of the kitchens in houses i would consider living in were awful and not to my taste. this means, we’ll probably have to redo a kitchen in our next home.

the reason i am struggling with making this decision is  because our kitchen is quite small, so we wouldn’t realistically have to replace more than 7 cabinets in total, which financially is not a huge chunk of change. and i think we could get the job done (by hired contractors) in a weekend, meaning the reno wouldn’t even be that intrusive for us.
so is it worth it?
i need some wise words from people who have been in this situation. i don’t want to live here another year and then regret not doing it, ya know?

although this winter has been shockingly snowless, we have found skating a perfect winter activity to get bear involved in. on saturday we went downtown again to skate at city hall. this time i laced up my new blades and even though i was terrified i would fall flat on my butt, i didn’t! it’s been about 7 years since my last skating adventure and on that winter’s night we were with friends who had just discovered they were preggo! 

anyhow, skating is like riding a bike, you never really forget how to do it. bear was pretty impressed and when we hit the ice together he did great as he stomped on his own with no supports. we taught him how to get up, which improved his confidence, but the little guy got tired quickly and melted on the ice in tears. on our way home he fell asleep in the chariot!

once dear hubby is done with getting the kids to sleep we will watch tracey ullman’s “state of the union” on netflix and drink grapefruit vodka and tonic.

cheers to a new week! 

xo, mama lola
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