four, FOUR: almost there!

bear has been asking “is it my birthday” almost daily since christmas. if you ask when his birthday is he will answer “febwruary four (pause) teeth”, but, clearly, knowing the date has not helped him countdown to his day of celebration.

i’ve been scouring pinterest for fun and simple party ideas. sometimes i tend to take too much on and for this birthday,  i want to keep things easy and light. i’ve started cutting some scrap paper into funky streamers. i am also hoping to make a custom birthday boy shirt for my bear to wear to his party and on his actual birthday when he goes to preschool. 

[both shirt examples found on pinterest]

we sent some funky homemade invitations out to a few friends simo specifically wanted to invite. we decided that it’s up to him to decide who he wants here for his party.

i am getting pretty nostalgic thinking about my belly four years ago, being super pregnant and entering this mysterious thing called motherhood…. i will write more about that later this week.
xo, mama lola
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