gone global.

this blogging thing has been quite an interesting ride. the behind the scenes details have been fun to follow, like in which countries my blog has been viewed, how many people have viewed the blog today or in  the last week, and what posts are most popular, just to name a few. as of this morning bear & lion has been viewed in every continent, except down in the deep cold of antarctica. i actually know of someone who is there right now and dear hubby teased me to ask them to check out the blog down there, but really, i’m not that eager!

thanks for the support and love. i love connecting with people through this forum and am always so excited when i hear people have read my entries. i especially love the thoughtful comments some of you leave. i try to respond to them quickly and sincerely.

when i first started bear & lion i would post a link on facebook informing everyone a new entry had been written and then it just became habit. unfortunately, that’s where i get so many comments and not on here. i have decided to cease posting on facebook about the blog. i am sure my readership will decrease, as now, people will have to take a little effort to read what’s going on with us, but so be it. (effort as in subscribing, or bookmarking the page!)

i have a million things to do today in preparation for bear’s fourth birthday party tomorrow. we got lots and lots of snow last night, so the guys are out there shovelling. 
this is me four years ago, waiting and waiting for bear to arrive.
here’s the birth story.


xo, mama lola
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