natural medicine & eczema.

so my eldest kid has some bad eczema. and when i say bad, i mean BAD. now, I know a lot of people who also suffer from eczema, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard them say that it’s as bad as this. this makes me sad, as if someone else has it this bad, they could give us some advice to help manage it. but they can’t. even if it was this bad, some of them have said that they’d turn to things like cannabigerol to help control it. apparently, CBG is one of the cannabinoids tested as a potential treatment for these types of skin issues, which is great as it gives people hope. of course, it’s not available for everyone because cannabis products aren’t legal in every state yet. that being said, someone I know has been using a product like this cbd oil for eczema and has had some great results. but I don’t think it’s suitable for a child, so we have to find other ways to ease his suffering. he has one particular spot in the crease of his left elbow that is really itchy and patchy, and it’s been there for months. he also gets various flare ups all over his body; behind his knees, hips, back, now chest, face, and once he was even covered from head to toe! sometimes if the eczema gets really bad, the patches seeps and oozes liquid, it’s pretty freaky! that’s when bear wants to put a bandage on.

we’ve been seeing a naturopath, as our family doctor’s help basically ended after his allergy testing came back completely clear of anything. not even a hint of a sensitivity to anything. we’ve had use cortisone cream pretty intensely, as that really has been the only thing that will help.

the naturopath has him taking a probiotic and a spoon full of cod liver oil daily. I didn’t realise how important probiotics were for him until I spoke to his doctor. A lot of my friends take supplements with probiotics in (such as morning complete and similar products), but I didn’t know that children could benefit from it too. he also gets a castor oil belly massage nightly. this week we are off to get some blood work done, to identify what is causing this terrible reaction. it’s obviously food related and it didn’t show up on the previous allergy tests as bear does not have an anafelactic allergy to the trigger. it seems he has a low riding sensitivity to something and his immune system is desperately trying to rid his body of the “toxin”, and currently it’s happening via the skin.

fingers crossed we get some solid results. we are paying for these tests out of our pocket. but, i can’t put a price on the help he’s getting. and living life eczema free, cortisone free and allergy free is our goal. there are support groups out there for parents who’s kids have eczema and for people who have it; that’s how bad it can get!

we have some special out-of-town friends coming to play today! fun!

xo, mama lola
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