barley depression.

i’m in a bit of a barley depression.

bear’s eczema was on fire, again today. his right elbow crease is the worst, but his left is flaring badly as well. it’s all raw and seepingfluid. plus, his belly is covered in spots. or polka dots as he called them. My friend suggested that maybe it would be a good idea to consider cannabis from suppliers similar to Bud Express Now ( to help manage my negative emotions. It can be frustrating having to deal with all of these health conditions so I thought about it and ultimately decided that it wasn’t for me but could see some of the benefits.

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i now think he’s coming down with a cold. last time he was sick with the sniffles and a cough he got all rashy and the eczema got really bad.

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i emailed my naturopath’s office with a few concerns. they phoned back immediately and offered an 15 minute consult with another doctor, as ours is on holidays. how sweet and lovely! then tonight, i received an email from our naturopath with suggestions on how to manage the flare-ups!

i feel like we’re in good hands. she’s on holidays and emailing us. that’s unheard of.
bear is cared for.
what a wonderful feeling for me in all of this helplessness.

barley research continues and seems bleaker each passing day.
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just gotta get ‘er done.
figure what brands we can trust, where to buy them.

any suggestions?

xo, mama lola
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    Ugh – eczema is horrible stuff. My baby had it for the first year and a half and it was weepy raw and horrid. I was nursing and I eliminated the top allergens from my diet (soy is in everything I discovered). It didn’t make a difference at all. We tried different lotions and skin care items to no avail. It’s horrible stuff. And then, in the spring it just cleared up – no idea why! I know – not helpful comment!! But it made me realize just how finicky and tough it is to deal with and how hard to get the body balanced once it’s out of balance. I imagine it must make a big difference to at least have someone out there like your naturopath who seems to care about trying to find a solution. Wishing you all the best on this journey!!!

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