brothers :: veljekset.

they play school.
bear: i am the teacher. here is your hook (and hangs up lions little bag on a chair)
lion: smiles and tries to take the bag
bear: no, you can take it when school is done.
(this game mimicks the routine at bear’s pre-school where bags and coats are hung on hooks.)

these little imaginary worlds they create together and move through, cause my heart to ache. i’ve always wanted the boys to play together, but as the age difference is getting smaller, the games and roles they take on keep evolving. i am in awe of their camaraderie. often i will hear bear allowing lion to have a turn first, or do something that isn’t really a part of the game. they are always looking out for each other.

bear’s nickname for lion is “first friend”. i know right, too friggin’ cute! 

the boys play together so well, i am worried about the day bear heads off to junior kindergarten in the fall, and lion is left alone with me. i am worried for both of them and their relationship. i realize some time apart will not hurt them, but all day, 5 days a week is a lot, and i quite frankly it breaks my heart to think my kids won’t get involved in their imaginary worlds together. there just aren’t hours in the day. i feel quite protective of their relationship and i know many people look at me with confusion and judgement. let them.

sometimes it feels like our capitalist society is hell bent on destroying the family unit, by separating us into day cares, schools and jobs.


xo, mama lola
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      bear will shout it over and over too, to get lion’s attention… “first friend… first friend… FIRST FRIEND!!!” so funny!

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    Mmmmm – I love the relationship between my two kiddos. It’s so special and their giggles and the way they look out for one another is wonderful. I haven’t even thought about school and being separated! However, I do love when they nap at separate times because then they get the chance to just play in their own quiet spaces and I love eavesdropping on those moments too. “First friend” is heartbreakingly sweet.

  2. says

    So sweet… first friend, first beat up buddy , first drinking pal… Brothers are special.
    Thanks for being a regular Hooker at the Hump Day.

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    What a beautiful relationship! I remember being that way with my sister–being able to create imaginary worlds and be in them for hours. I pray that their relationship continue to mature in gracious ways even as they encounter the natural obstacles that this life puts before them. Thanks for speaking out at Your Place. 🙂

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    It’s so nice to hear about siblings playing together and getting along. The fighters seem to get all of the attention. It gives me hope for my daughter if we ever have a second child.

    I love to hear my daughter playing and telling her doll babies the things I say to her. It’s nice to know what is sinking in. Also, it’s like getting feedback on my parenting. I can hear exactly how I sound to her little ears because she mimics my words and tone so well!

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      my kids get along as much as they fight. there is a balance and i am relieved of that. this is an old post, so the bond is even that much stronger, louder and brutal! ha! thanks for popping in lillian!