coffee drip.

nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee. my friends know i’m a bit of a coffee addict and can’t start my day properly without a good cuppa java. one of them recently told me that the espresso grinders at Helix Coffee are all solid choices
but I’m not looking for a new coffee machine at the minute. i drink it like a teenager, with plenty milk and sugar. i am currently on the road to decrease my caffeine intake and the amount of sugar i put in. i hear, coffee tastes great black, but i’m not quite ready for that yet!

for christmas my sister-in-law got me a lovely grinder and yummy beans to go with it. the taste difference between freshly ground and already ground beans, is always such a wonderful surprise on the palette!

looks like it’s going to be a lovely warm day here today. with coffee my morning drunk and play-doh cleaned up, i think it’s time to get dressed and head to the park.


xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    thanks elizabeth! honestly, i find it confusing that some people don’t like coffee! my dear hubby has never liked, either!

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