goodnight moon.

“Goodnight room. Goodnight moon. Goodnight cow jumping over the moon. Goodnight light, and the red balloon…”

goodnight moon” is one of the favourite bedtime books at our house. i love the slow rhythm of the book and the simplicity of the lines. i love the illustrations and the details in them.

our bedtime routine has been the same for years now. dear hubby and bear were solid in the evening routine and when lion was born, he jumped into the rituals as well. first there’s a bath, then iltapala (bedtime snack), then hugs and kisses for me and upstairs for teeth brushing. the boys each choose a couple of books and the the guys all snuggle on the bottom bunk for stories. 

bear crawls up to his top bunk where lion joins him for brotherly hugs and kisses and then it’s lights out. lion needs someone to stay with until he is asleep. being in the bottom bunk makes it tempting for our littlest one to get up. 

dear hubby and i have gotten back to the habit of reading in bed before sleeping, which i find is the most relaxing thing to do. i have a tall pile of books on my night stand of books i want to read. they include parenting books, novels and one autobiography. 
what’s your evening routine like?

goodnight. sweet dreams.
hyvää yötä. kauniita unia.

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    My husband brushes teeth with the kids and then takes the youngest up to read while I journal with the older one. Then he goes up to read a book with dad. Dad tucks them in and then I go up and tuck him in again, give a hug, kiss and receive a pretend bite. I make sure both Jeremy Fishers are on his pillow with their bodies under the soft blanket. I make sure the down comforter is next, covered by the pink blanket, covered by the towel. Then I quickly pro-actively check that white bear, eagle, monkey, sea-turtle, etc are all in bed too. Another kiss. I then tuck in little girl and sit outside their room and blog. It’s not a bad routine, but sometimes I question the growing list of things that have to be Just Right for little boy to go to sleep. As for books, I carry them around from room to room, but they all just feel too hard these days so I resort to yahoo news on my iphone. Smiling. That’s our life these days.