last day of march.

this is the final day of NaBloPoMo, meaning i am no longer committed to write every day. i missed yesterday, so in total i skipped out on two days, and out of 31 i think that’s a pretty good feat. i ran out of room on my flickr account to post pictures (i only have the free kind), so that has somehow made it harder to come up with entries at the end of the month.

i enjoyed this experience and will certainly commit to another month, but not in april. we have a lot going on with dear hubby’s birthday, friends’ birthdays, easter and other spring time shenanigans. that’s not to say i will not blog, because i will, just not every day.
it snowed last night. so shocking and cold and confusing, especially after the heat wave we had week prior!
our lovely naturopath has been emailing me and told me to not worry about the barley sensitivity and focus on the eggs and peas. whew! that’s a huge relief and load off my mind! now that i have come face to face with just how much gluten and wheat my family consumes i am going to decrease those amounts anyway. wheat has been altered so much and gluten sensitivities run in dear hubby’s family, so i figure i midas well cut back for everyone’s benefit.

and avoiding eggs is easy. they have to be labelled as they are such a common allergen.
time to do spend time with my family on this cold weekend. we may head out and check out a maple syrup festival today. how canadiana of us! tomorrow is a family dinner with dear hubby’s folks and hopefully some other family.
dear hubby and i had a lovely date night. snow, a quick dinner, a movie and a bottle of wine!

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have a wonderful weekend everyone!

xo, mama lola
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    Good job – 29 days is no small feat! But aren’t you glad it’s over …? I will be spending tomorrow firmly away from the computer.

    Enjoy your snow! It’s beautifully spring-like here but my husband swears it will snow again before summer. I’m not sure I believe it.

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