saturday evening post: a royal do.

whew. we survived the another day of seasonally extra-warm temperatures and glorious sunlight. we took advantage of the weather and headed to the local university to attend college royal. an open house of sorts, but the main attractions are the barns belonging to the vet school. there are lines to get into there!

we went with dear hubby’s parents who were pleased as pie to spend such quality time with their grandsons. the kids were delighted to see their grandparents as well, which made for a wonderful day.

getting out of the house was a nightmare. it was painful and just awful.

our first attraction was the cat show. it was a bit of a bust. it was held in a huge auditorium style hall where the audience sat in the seats. it was a slow moving show that was hard to hear and follow, so we decided to sneak out early and head outside. so glad we did.

bear got to go for a tractor ride. he’s a natural; it’s in his blood. his great-grandfather was a cattle farmer.

the barns were a hit. both kids were in awe and loved seeing the animals so close up.

then we walked around campus soaking up the sunshine and vitamin D. the kids climbed and ran and raced and giggled a lot! by four o’clock the temperature was HOT, which meant time to get going home.

and what’s perfect for dinner on a hot march saturday evening? yup, you guessed it… SUSHI and BEER!

xo, mama lola
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