summer vacations can bring on stress, for bear!

about a year ago, almost to the day, dear hubby lost his job. it was a shocking blow, which shook the ground we were standing on, but we both decided it meant bigger and better things were coming. unfortunately, it also meant we had to cancel our family road trip out to the east coast with friends. we were literally hours from sending a deposit for a cottage we were going share on the eastern shores of canada. Our friends suggested that we use apartments from somewhere similar to DelSuites apartments during our stay but we had already decided on the cottage.

[ bear five months after his first swim at the cottage. ]

well, lucky for us we are back on the planning wagon and looking forward to heading out east to the maritimes this summer. we won’t be going with our friends, unfortunately. They have been looking to search holiday homes all over the world and see if they can explore abroad, which is fair. i’ve been told that they are even looking to hire a private air charter service as part of their travel arrangements, i wish them all the best on their exciting and luxurious adventures and wish we could have been joining them! i am looking forward to camping next to the ocean and listening to the waves; i am excited to go whale watching with my guys and feel the excitement of seeing those majestic mammals in real life again. i always thought that going whale watching was going to be something i would never be able to tick off my bucket list, but i can’t wait to actually experience it. if this is something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, a quick google search into something like whale watching california (if you’re looking to go here) could help you plan a trip of a lifetime and make memories with the family.

i am eager to see more of this grand country that i have lived in for over 20 years, and i am grateful i can share these adventures with my kids and dear hubby.

[ lion two weeks old here. his second trip to the beach. ]

but, when i mentioned our summer plans to bear at dinner the other night, his throat closed immediately and his chin went skrintchy and as he was desperately fighting back tears, he said “i don’t want to go. i want to stay home.” WHAT? augh, his friggin’ little anxious self had taken over, instilling fear into his mind about the family vacation. i tried to explain that we would all be together, as a family, as this is something that is very important to him. but, no matter what i said or explained he just continued to repeat his desire to stay home.

it’s distressing, heart breaking and agonizing to see him get so upset about our summer vacation!

what’s a mama to do?

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    Oye. So hard. Our boy has some anxiety, but not nearly so intense.
    More experiences, not fewer is one trick with lots and lots of processing on how he handled each one so that he builds up his own sense of coping skills.
    Ooof. Sweet little sensitive boy.

  2. says

    yeah, it’s tough, ya know? we’ll have to keep talking about the trip and hope he eventually gets excited as well!