my latest favourite show, was a late 80’s hit. 
after watching the first half of season one, i see why.

the show revolves around a handful of characters, as seen above, and their lives. mostly it focuses on hope and micheal’s marriage and relationship, while also exploring the day to day struggles of raising a baby girl. what i really love about the show is the open dialogue about mothering, staying at home vs. working outside the home, but best of all, breastfeeding! it actually sounds real, which is kinda shocking and ground breaking. hope is seen opening her blouse on several occasions preparing to breastfeed; she struggles openly when her daughter starts to self-wean and has long conversations with her husband about it! can you believe this? because, i was floored when i heard these discussions on the screen; this is after all an american prime time show. they even say the word breast, in a non-sexual, normalized manner (unlike today) which was also very shocking! 

but, this was 1987 and things have changed, A LOT since then! this is proof of how ridiculous people have become about something so natural and NORMAL, as breastfeeding. presently, parenting and mothering has become about what you can buy for your child, rather than what you do for your child. i am so relieved and proud we attachment parent; it has made our children into the amazing little dudes they are today. people assume they are dependant, but they are actually quite independent for their age.

you should check out this show!
it does move slowly, compared to the shows today, but i kinda love it! nice way to end my day!

did you ever watch this show? is there something else you’re watching that has made you think about parenting? or marriage? 

xo, mama lola
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    I watched this show from beginning to end when it aired. I loved it. My son was born the year after the show started we had just married, sometimes it was frustrating because we were 21 when we married and 22 when we had our son, so we felt so much younger than the Thirtysomething parents and we weren’t yuppies but I loved the show, just loved it.

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    I was about ten when that show first came out and remember thinking, after seeing the title, “I’ll never be that old!” How things change …. You make it seem more interesting than it was to me back then – perhaps I’ll give it a shot.

    I’m currently watching The Tudors (in French!) and the pressure on the queen(s) to reproduce – and for it to be a boy, of course – are making me cringe. Especially since the consequence for failing to do so is losing one’s head!

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