wednesday was a bad day.

Yesterday was a disaster from sunrise to sun down. It started off with bear’s eczema bothering him so intensely that he was running around crying and screaming. he complained that his eczema patches both hurt and were itchy. poor guy! This all happened before breakfast was even eaten, so it set a negative tone on the rest of the day. If it gets any worse, I might have to look at picking up something like tremotyx eczema treatment to try and treat it.

We had some spring like temperatures, so i decided we should head to the park first thing in the morning. Oh, boy! Bear cried all the way there, sitting on the sidewalk demanding to go home. Lion just sat in the wagon, oblivious to the tears. The walk home was the same.

Once at home, bear cried about taking his boots off, eating lunch, watching a show on netflix, his brother, his glasses, his eczema, various toys, daddy being at work, dinner time, bath time, bedtime, and so on and so on.

I was not at my best either and so having both of us in grumpy, tired moods made for a terrible day. I am under the weather (yes, again!) and my patience is almost non-existant, even though I am trying desperately to hold it together.

I hope today is better, even though it is dark and grey outside and raining.
Let’s at least hope bear’s eczema isn’t so bothersome today. The kid needs a break!


xo, mama lola
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