welcome baby M!

twenty five days ago i became an auntie for the third time! so exciting!

fresh and new.

i haven’t mentioned this joyous news on here, because i wanted to make sure i had her parents permission to share the wonderful news. missyM was born healthy and strong to her adoring parents on monday, february 27th. her arrival was long awaited, and we are anxiously looking forward to meeting her in may. dear hubby’s sister and her mister (and now missyM) live on the other side of the border for now, but are moving close to us for a few months. 

a tired and proud mama looking at missyM.

when i showed lion pictures of baby missyM, he pointed, smiling and saying “baby, baby, baby”. it was so sweet and special. bear too was eager to see pictures of their newest and littlest cousin. 

heartsy pants! missy looking like she has a bit of sass in her!

now, we are all counting down to may to when we get to meet the newest member of the family.

happy friday everyone. tonight was date night and dear hubby and i went to a restaurant called eggcetera dinner, since we are going to be an egg free home from now on!

xo, mama lola
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