who do i trust?

what a stressful 24 hours i have had. stressful, because i have been diagnosed with strep throat for the fifth time this winter. stressful, because i am not a carrier of this sickness, but a sufferer of it. stressful, because i was prescribed an antibiotic my pharmacist said could be passed on through my milk to my lion. it was implied i should stop breastfeeding.

my heart broke a bit at the thought of weaning my 20 month old lion. these days he only nurses once or twice a day, but the thought of ending those sweet, quiet moments we share made me realize it is not our time yet. i’m a huge believer in extended breastfeeding and think the benefits are immeasurable.

[ bear at 20 months, the age lion is now. ]

bear self-weaned when i was first diagnosed with my tumour back in december 2009. he was about 22 months and i was devastated. i think my milk changed as i was taking lots of strong pain killers. i had imagined tandem nursing both boys for a long time, and was devastated when bear boldly refused the breast. 

yesterday, when it was suggested i wean, my heart broke. immediately. 
i scoured the internet for information about breastfeeding and taking this strong antibiotic i was prescribed, and the literature basically says it’s a no-no. dear hubby talked to our pharmacist, explaining that lion is not a baby, but a 20 month old who eats well and only nurses for comfort really. still, he said it was not a good idea. 

this morning, i called motherisk, an organization that helps pregnant and nursing mama’s figure out what medications or drugs they can use. they are affiliated with sick kids hospital, in toronto. i waited all night to call and this morning i talked to a lovely nurse, who explained that it was fine to breastfeed lion and take this antibiotic. if my kid was a baby and i was exclusively breastfeeding then it would not be recommended, but because he is big and healthy and eats solids like a normal kid, then it’s fine.


finally, some good news!
i have learned over the last few years, the most medical experts will air on the side of caution and tell a mama not to continue breastfeeding. it’s best to consult with people who are experts at breastfeeding. it’s not because they want to misinform you, but because there is too much info out there. plus, when it comes to breastfeeding i think it becomes a liability thing. my point, it’s ok to ask for a second or third or fourth opinion.

[ kitchen helper. ]

so, here we at home for the day. i have taken one antibiotic and feel slightly high and loopy already. i’m sure that will pass once i get some lunch in me. the boys are busy with play-doh and i am wishing i could crash-out on the couch and watch degrassi junior high (my latest netflix addiction)!

fingers crossed the strep will be gone after this round of meds and i wont have to go see a specialist and talk surgery! oh, boy!

xo, mama lola
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  1. says

    Hi there, found you at BlogHer, your post title just jumped out at me. I am so relieved for you. We are diligent attachment parenting devotees, and I am still nursing my 2 1/2 year old several times a day, but back when he was only six months old I had a medical situation that forced me to not nurse him for one day (was supposed to be seven days, but I got lucky and was able to refuse the Predesone that was being suggested). Faced with what might have been and might still be a lifelong medical condition, all I cared about that night in the hospital was the fact I might have to wean my son. My daughter weaned herself at 31 months and I am SO lucky we made it through without having to stop for a week.

    Now I require an MRI every six months and because of the dye I choose not to nurse him for 24 hours each time, but luckily he gets right back to it each time….I do get to go stay at a hotel for the night, which is fun, because if he saw me and couldn’t nurse when he wanted to, he wouldn’t understand, and if he did, he’d still be pretty darn mad.

    So glad you were able to find the right channels to get the right information. I’ve never heard of Motherisk before, but will spread the word about it. I hope you’re feeling better.

  2. says

    i have only had a two MRI’s with the dye and each time the hospital staff told me not to breastfeed my son afterwards. but, when i spoke to BF:ing experts (motherisk and dr. newman) they said it was fine. i think the hospital says that, because of liability reasons and they don’t understand the “lesser of two evils” thought when it comes to nursing mama’s and their babes. the first time i had an MRI with the dye lion was only 4 months and we had formula ready for him.

    it is hard to find trustworthy information out there in the world. we are so saturated with it.

    thanks for responding and sharing your experiences. all the best to you.