bad mama!

i was busy making my super-yummy chowder for dinner. the boys were in the playroom, which is adjacent to the kitchen and i knew they were dong some colouring with markers, but the one time i peeked around the corner and saw this….

… and i couldn’t stop laughing. when i brought my camera out, lion started smiling broadly and proudly, while his insides were most likely suffering from toxic shock from the ink pad. oh, boy! 

we had a great day regardless of the ink incident. everyone had good spirits tucked into their pockets and would bring them out when the grumps would set in, which meant we were actually enjoying each other’s company. for a change.

just back from yoga. my left knee has been in a brace all day as it’s screaming in pain. let’s hope tonight’s stretch class did the trick!

happy hump day y’all! 

xo, mama lola
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