beer & nachos.

saturday night, was girl’s night.
it felt nice to go out. i took the bus downtown with a friend. the bus, ha! i was (of course) standing around at the stop early, so i took some pictures.

it was a lovely evening of drinks and munchies and great conversation. one of the MAMA’s from my baby group is moving far, far away so we had little gathering to catch up before she moves on out. 

we’ve known each other for four years come this june. that’s when our group formed; when we were all first time mama’s looking for other first time mama’s for friendship and support. since then, everyone in our group of 18 has had or is in the process of baking a second child. 

on the bus home…
looking pretty good after three tom collins. oh, what a nostalgic drink!

the rest of the weekend was great. dear hubby really buckled down and tackled the long to do list on the fridge. i went to that women’s clothing exchange and came home with some beautiful things. i’ve also been busy cleaning out the house and selling, selling,selling much of our stuff. it’s time to pass things along to people who will use them and de-clutter our basement. feels good!

and, don’t forget to check in daily starting tuesday as i will be posting every day for may NaBloPoMo!

xo, mama lola
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