dinner time BULL.

today is a sick day. lion had a fever, bad cough and lotsa boogers! we stayed in.

every night at dinner it’s the same thing. i make dinner, we sit down at the table to eat and then the bull$hit begins. dear hubby and i sound like skipping cd’s, repeating ourselves a million times with statements like “sit down and eat your dinner”, “stop putting your fork in your glass”, “stop touching your brother” just to name a few.

it makes dinner difficult and unpleasant, in fact. the nonsense is always the same and no matter how we threaten, the kids continue to not listen. because, i am the one who usually prepares the dinners (and i try to be very mindful about our meals), i take so personally when the boys act out. i go from zero to rage in a second and desperately try to keep my mouth shut so that i don’t yell something terrible. 
usually i fail.
it seems as though the kids only really listen when i yell and stomp my feet, which is so upsetting to me. we have obviously lost any power we ever had and the kids are in control.

but, things are changing and i have stomped by feet in anger for the last time. dear hubby and i are laying down the law in a heavy way, which is awful and hard, but hopefully the tides will change. hopefully we can all just eat dinner together. bear is really testing us and yesterday refused to eat anything. so, when 7pm rolled around and he complained about being hungry it was difficult to deny him, but a lesson had to be learned.

tonight, dear hubby was held up in the big city due to traffic issues, so i was alone with the two kids for dinner. i was expecting the worst after last nights fiasco, but the kids ate everything that was served to them and lion even asked for more soup. we had an unusual pajama dinner, as lion was quite sick today with a bad cough and a fever, but by dinner most of the symptoms seem to have subdued. 

look at this smile!

whew! so glad we ended the day on a positive note. dear hubby came home to two little dudes who were so happy to see him.

xo, mama lola
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