friday, friday.

we have a fun weekend planned.

on saturday, a few friends and i are heading to the local women’s clothing swap without kids or dear husbands! last year i was so excited about the event and this year i am even more thrilled to be going. i have a lots of old clothes to contribute and am excited to revamp my wardrobe for a measly $8! last weekend was the kids clothing exchange and i unloaded a bunch of stuff the boys have outgrown and came home with a bursting with goodies.

i love these community events, because they bring people together and are so good for the spirit AND the environment!

[ i love this picture of bear.]
dear hubby is going to get his fancy new weed wacker out and wack some weeds with it! our lawn is over due for a trim and a cut, so let’s hope for sun. i am also hoping to get my fingers dirty with some beautiful fresh soil and a forsythia bush. i am going to go and buy myself one and plant it, since nobody else will!

saw these marimekko cons on pinterest and want them! they’re on sale at mother’s day is coming up, soon, so i’m going to treat myself. or maybe dear hubby will read this and treat me!

i have signed up to do NaBloPoMo for may, which means i will be blogging daily again starting tuesday. i kinda like the added pressure to write! plus, i think there’ll be lots of fun things to write about, especially since the theme will be PLAY.


xo, mama lola
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